Amanda & Kyle | 10-20-2018

I had the great pleasure to photograph a gorgeous wedding a month ago. I know that’s how I probably start all of my blog posts but this time I truly mean it. I witness and documented the joining of Amanda & Kyle Russell. It was not just any ordinary wedding, not because they had married in a quick elopement almost a year before, but because I have known Amanda since the 9th grade. Not only was it great because it seemed like a high school reunion at the reception, which let’s be honest, could have gone one of two ways, bad or worse…. just kidding. Knowing Amanda for over a decade, going through our ups and downs, and our bouts of not talking to each other made it even more special when she asked if I would capture her day. I was more than happy to say yes, knowing that her attention to detail and keen sense of knowing exactly what she wanted meant I had a tall order to fill. An order that I was more than happy to accept the challenge for.

I have been honored enough to watch Amanda grow from this small outgoing high school cheerleader, to this…still small, gorgeous, courageous, and warm-hearted woman. I had known Kyle for a little while as well, he was no stranger. Although these two found love after our high school days, I always knew him as the semi-quiet good-guy, I mean he was in the Air Force, come on, total good guy, and great husband material.

There were a few times during this meticulously planned day where I had to stop myself and truly just admire the love that these two individuals share. I remember as we were riding on one of the golf carts to get to the location for the photos, my assistant and friend, Jamie, turned to me and said, “Look at how they light up when they just look at each other!” We just kind of sat there and admired the love between the two for a second, like total creeps, I admit. With all that being said, I am truly and extremely happy that these two individuals found each other when they were right in front of each other the whole time. They make me believe in true love and that it is out there for everyone. Congratulations guys!