Julie & Austin | September 30, 2017

Julie and Austin got married on September 30, 2017 at Fort Adams here in Rhode Island. I don’t think I’ve seen two people so happy and in love on their wedding day. Obviously, I probably say that about many couples, however something seemed extremely genuine when I interacted with them. These two love birds met in college, where they have both gone on to get their PhDs! How often, does that even happen!? Crazy enough, while I was sitting between the interior balcony and their room while she was getting her make-up done, she told me that there were 6 other PhDs sitting right there in their room! Needless to say, they were a bunch of nerds (self-proclaimed, not my words).

One thing that this couple had a lot of was chemistry, maybe it was the endless science classes they needed, or perhaps it was just the genuine love and affection they had for each other. It was electrifying and when I left that wedding that night, I was in an overall fantastic mood. The people were great, the sunset was out of this world, and the dance floor was constantly packed, elbow-to-elbow, the entire night! I felt honored to be able to capture this beautiful day for Julie and Austin and I wish them many years of happiness to come!