A Very Special Wedding....

   Of course this is a special wedding, it was my brother’s wedding! My oldest brother, Jarrod, married his best-friend, and girlfriend of seven years this past Friday on June 10th. Not only was this a momentous occasion because he is the first of the siblings to get married but it was also held on a Caribbean cruise!! How fun is that!? Photographing two of my favorite people, in the amazing weather of the tropical islands, with a week-long vacation, which was something I needed desperately.


 Oddly enough, because of personal reasons I do not like cruises that much. I had only been on one prior to this one, ironically with almost all the same people that came on this one, and to say the least it was not a pleasant experience. This cruise changed my mind. I was able to relax and enjoy the glorious time off before the wedding nuptials would take place on the last full day of the cruise.
     The ten of us arrived at sporadic times, with different flights, different arrival days and so many different airlines, which we all found comical instead of tedious. We visited five beautiful islands and even made new friends. I got close with two members of my new sister-in-law’s family that, prior to, I hadn’t even met. Then came the big day! The couple had separated and made sure not to see each other beforehand, which wasn’t that fun when I had to run back and forth a few floors to get the getting ready shots, but I wouldn’t dare complain! The wedding planner whisked the beautiful and radiant bride from her suite and escorted her to her waiting fiancée.

 It was pretty funny to see at least four people holding up cell phones and tablets to Skype and Facetime the ceremony for those that could not attend the cruise and the wedding. The ceremony only lasted around eight minutes in total, which is by-far the fastest wedding I’ve ever shot!
     The bride and groom grasped their nearest loved ones to show their affection and gratitude for attending the wedding, even a few couples that we had met just that week that we had invited and showed their support by attending the wedding as well!

  I loved parading around the massive, 15-deck ship to take photos of my wonderful brother and my new sister-in-law. I couldn’t be happier for the two and I truly wish them the best for many, many years to come! Congratulations!!