Vanessa & Eric | 9/12\2015

This post is long overdue but is definitely needed. Recently, I did a wedding of the beautiful Vanessa and her handsome husband Eric. The two are amazing together and the wedding was spectacular. Even though these two are Massachusetts natives they trekked down over an hour to get married at their dream venue, Newport Vineyards. I remember, probably about 2 years ago, I was driving with my friend on East Main Rd in Middletown, (where Newport Vineyards is, ironic that NEWPORT Vineyards is in Middletown, but I digress) and I remember looking down the very long vineyards and thinking how gorgeous it would be to have some sort of photo-shoot there one day. Thinking I would need to take a model there and BEG for permission and not having a model or the time, it seemed my dream for shooting at that vineyard would never come to forwishen. Cut to over 2 years later when I got a wonderful email from Vanessa asking if I was available to shoot her wedding. At the time I did not know where her venue was going to be, but her excitement was contagious and we met finally to discuss and make it all final. While chit chatting and talking about her big, beautiful day she finally revealed to me her venue, Newport Vineyards. I think it took me everything not to audibly gasp when she said that was her venue. My mind exploded with many many different shots I could take. She told me that they were actually still building the actually reception area and that she would be one of the firsts. It seemed like certain fate that not only did she contact me on The Knot, which I had signed up for just 1 day prior to her messaging me on there, but she was also getting married at a place I have ALWAYS wanted to photograph.


Vanessa knew what she wanted. Her and her sister seemed to giggle when they showed me the 2-page list of photos and people she wanted in them. I’m not gonna lie, my heart dropped, but Vanessa is an amazingly kind woman and she put me at ease. She gave me so much flexibility. She knew what she wanted and I loved that. It seems that many clients rely heavily on their photographer to tell them exactly what to do, where to put their hands and how to pose perfectly. While that is part of our job, another major part of our job is to render your dreams into a digital file or a gorgeous print. As a wedding photographer I don’t want to bark orders at you on your big day contorting you like yoga students into poses that you don’t enjoy and might not feel is very flattering. Vanessa and Eric were very easy to photograph and they gave me such freedom. Although there was a pretty big time constraint, we managed to get some pretty amazing photos and best of all? I finally got one of the many shots I envisioned, while driving down that road, just 2 years ago.

Josh McKenney